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Learn Accounting and Bookkeeping the easy way!

Quickly learn the fundamentals of Accounting.

It only takes 90 minutes, every 2nd day. Our teaching methods are new and innovative. They've been designed by experienced adult educators who are experts in their field.

In as little as two weeks, you can learn the fundamentals of Accounting & Bookkeeping.

Money is not boring! Talking about it shouldn’t be either! Our video presentations are dynamic and engaging . . . designed to hold your attention. They are filled with practical information you need to know.
  • Average Video Duration

    34 min

  • Number of Video Lessons

    10 chapters

  • Average Time to Complete Each Lesson

    90 min

  • Average Course Duration

    2 weeks

Take control of the Accounting cycle!

50% of the people who take this course are either self-employed, work in a family business, or are managing a career change. Bookkeeping is the language of business and taking this course is the best way to learn it!.

The other 50% are from all other walks of life. They include support staff, students and those working within the field looking to polish their bookkeeping skills.

No matter where you are from, our FastTrack Bookkeeping course will give you exactly what you need to fully understand and take control of the accounting cycle.

Learn Accounting & Bookkeeping Fast by using real-world source documents!

  • Each course comes with over 50 authentic receipts, invoices and source documents that are custom printed, just for you, at the time of your order.
  • If you are located in United States then all of the documents included with your order will be ones found in United States.
  • We offer a totally unique, one-of-a-kind Accounting & Bookkeeping training experience.

Our Story

A brainiac accounting student bombed in his first job. He had the best education but lacked real-world experience. As a result he didn't know how to process a telephone bill during his first day on the job. He used that single experience 25 years later, to write a better textbook and design a better Accounting & Bookkeeping course. Read his story here.

  • With a background in administration and financial management, I expected this to be a refresher, but was amazed at how much I learned! I was surprised at just how many small but important differences were involved in terms of bookkeeping for a small business. And regardless of whether one is using a computer program, an accounting firm or recording everything manually, fully understanding proper financial statements is an essential part of any successful business.
  • Managing my own business was only a dream, but with the tools and support offered through this course, it made the dream a reality.
  • I have never taken accounting of any kind, so this bookkeeping course gave me a good foundation for starting my business.

    - Wendy W.,

    Mutt Hutt

  • This program gave me all the tools necessary to manage my finances. The attention to detail will ensure my business is profitable and that I have the necessary revenue to cover my expenses from month to month.
  • I am constantly referring to the course material and discovering every week how valuable a resource this was for the success of my business.

    - Cheryl J.,

    Glory Days

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